4311 Attawa in Sacramento, CA is an interactive, hands-on cooking class geared towards the home cook. 

Partnering with   Lulu’s Kitchen to offer 

Lulu’s Kitchen (formerly Steel Magnolia Kitchen) is located at 701 – 16th Street at the corner of 16th and G in downtown Sacramento.This state-of-the-art kitchen and fresh, organic produce, distinguish our Sacramento Valley cooking classes as the best in the area.  

Head Chef Kathleen Kettering partners with farms offering organically grown produce from which she constructs inventive, seasonal, farm-to-table menus. 

We also partner with some of the finest local purveyors, bringing the best ingredients into our kitchen.

4311 Attawa is available for special events, cooking parties, and corporate team-building events.

Bourbon, Bacon, Beer and More 

September 6th


4311 Attawa Ave, Sacramento, CA | (916) 245-0351


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